IXP Manager

Commercial Support

INEX itself has limited resources and is not a software development house. But INEX are eager for IXP Manager to become the de facto management system for similar IXPs and as such, its staff are willing to help with installations so as to build better documentation. This is all done throught the mailing list

We will consider feature requests - especially where they benefit INEX and the wider IXP community - and we certainly love feature patches!

However, if you want commercial support, please contact the authors directly for a quote:


In 2016 we also lanched a sponsorship program to allow us to hire a full time devleloper on a not-for-profit basis for IXP Manager. If you or your organisation feels they can contribute in anyway, please contact us on the above address.

Any code developed commercially or otherwise will be released under the same license as IXP Manager for the benefit of all.