IXP Manager

Getting Help


All documentation for IXP Manager is linked in the support menu above. There is also a page linked there for presentations and talks which should be quiet useful.

Mailing Lists

As an open source project, the primary channel for requesting help is via our mailing list. The developers and operations staff from INEX are on this list but we also try and foster an environment where other more experienced users can help new comers.

Please subscribe here.

This list is low traffic and is also used to announce new versions, security issues, etc.

Bugs and Feature Requests

All bugs should be filed on the GitHub Issues page. It is vitally important that you file a detailed bug report with steps on how to reproduce the issue. One line / vague bug reports are likely to be closed without investigation.

The ideal feature request comes with code via a pull request. This (or commercial support) is the most probable way to get a feature into IXP Manager! Feel free to file feature requests as an issue and tag it as such.

We will give all feature requests a fair hearing and due consideration. But, those that we are unlikely to implement pro bono or those that do not align with the core purpose of IXP Manager may be closed or moved to a feature request file so as not to clog up the issue tracker.

"Support, Out in the Open"

INEX promotes a "Support, out in the open" model. When support issues crop up, we invite people to send them to the ixpmanager@inex.ie mailing list where a member of the community can answer them. Alternatively if there's a bug, this can be reported on the github issues tracker where it can be assessed by our dev team. When this model is used, search engines pick up relevant query terms, everybody learns about the application, the developers can see what's important to the community, and the community benefits as a whole.

INEX doesn't offer free private technical support. This means that if you email one of the development team directly, we will politely suggest that you send your question to the mailing list.