Commercial Support

Commercial Support for IXP Manager

For some, a professional commercial support contract is a necessity.

The IXP Manager project has developed support resources to ensure IXP Manager can be installed, configured, managed and operated within the resources that many IXPs have internally. However, there are situations where a commercial support contract may be required such as:

  • Your IXP is critical national infrastructure and you are either mandated or prefer to have a support contract in place.
  • IXPs are typically run by network engineers rather than system administrators or developers. Day to day management and maintenance of the the IXP Manager platform is not your core competency.
  • You are building a commercial IXP and want a commercial engagement for support and maintenance.

If you have ruled out self or in-house management of IXP Manager and want to engage in a commercial support contract with the core developers directly, then please email There is a standard package for support and maintenance or a custom option can be designed around your specific requirements.

Commercial Development

Sometimes the open source development plan and priorities do not match with your own. If there is a feature or issue you would like addressed on an accelerated timescale, you can use the commercial support route for feature development also.

Please note that the same criteria is used to evaluate the appropriateness of features whether on the open source development track or a commercial engagement. I.e. if your feature has already been rejected by the project community, you cannot pay to have it added to the project.

The copyright of all code developed commercially will be assigned to INEX under the GPLv2 and and released with the next appropriate version of IXP Manager for the benefit of all - see the development information page for more information on this.