The home of IXP Manager development is GitHub.

You will find links to developer resources below. If anyone wishes to contribute code to the project, they should speak to the core developers first to ensure it is an appropriate feature that would be merged.

  • Source Code

    As a free and open source project, the entire source code for IXP Manager is available here on GitHub.

  • Releases

    New releases are tagged on GitHub and published through GitHub with comprehensive release notes. Releases are also announced to the mailing lists.

  • Developer Documentation

    Some development documentation can be found in the development section of the main documentation site. The introduction also has advice for anyone wishing to contribute code.

  • Contributor License Agreement

    All contributors are required to sign the CLA. This ensures the copyright of the source code for IXP Manager remains vested with INEX and is legally unencumbered. In turn, INEX commits to releasing the code under the GPLv2 license.

  • Bug Reports

    Bug reports can filed via the GitHub issue tracker. Before opening an issue, please read our guidance on asking for help.

  • Feature Requests

    Feature requests can also be filed via the GitHub issue tracker. Before requesting a feature, please read our note regarding bugs and feature requests.

Ancillary Projects

IXP Manager is a large complex piece of software. Over the years, those involved with the project have created ancillary projects that inter-operate with or are required by IXP Manager. We highlight some of those here.

Bird's Eye

Bird's Eye is a simple secure PHP micro service to provide some BIRD protocol / routing information via a HTTP API as JSON, with an optional built-in looking-glass implementation.

This is the winning project from the RIPE IXP Tools Hackaton just prior to RIPE73 in Madrid, Spain. It was an idea proposed and led by Barry O'Donovan of INEX with an IXP Manager looking glass in mind.

Bird's Eye can be found on GitHub at inex/birdseye. Our medium term goals for this project are to either mothball it if Bird create their own built-in HTTP API feature or extend it to also work with OpenBGPd.


OSS_SNMP was first written by Barry O'Donovan circa 2012 to make querying SNMP-enabled devices easier via PHP. He dubbed it a PHP SNMP Library for People Who HATE SNMP, MIBs and OIDs!

Barry often remarks that if he started OSS_SNMP again, it would be designed very differently. But, it is what it is and it's a vital element of IXP Manager where is is used to identify and query switches for port information, optics, vendor and version, etc.

OSS_SNMP can be found on GitHub at opensolutions/OSS_SNMP. At the time of writing in 2020, it has almost 10k installs and over 50 forks.