Contact Details

Contacting the Project

As an Open Source project, most discussion and support happens on the mailing lists and through GitHub

If you need to contact the project, the following are the appropriate channels.

  1. Support / Bugs / Feature Requests - please see the support pages.
  2. Sponsorship - please see the sponsorship pages or contact us by email to
  3. Get Listed as an IXP Manager User - please use the submission form. If you have any issues with that, please use the Administration / Other Issues email contact below.
  4. Core Team Members - please see the team page for public contact details.
  5. Security - thank you in advance for looking to responsibly report security issues. Please contact us by email on You can also contact one of the the core team to discuss security concerns.
  6. Privacy - please see our privacy policy and contact us with any queries by email on
  7. Administration / Other Issues - please contact us by email on