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We're proud to say that, at last count, there are at least 235 IXPs using IXP Manager around the world.

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Our patrons and sponsors are critical to the project's future. Those IXP's that currently sponsor the project are highlighted below. If you are an IXP that uses IXP Manager and are in a position to, then please sponsor the project now.

Name Sponsor Shortname Location
aamra Internet Exchange Point   AIX-BD Dhaka, BD
Advanced Internet Exchange   A.IX Beirut, LB
Albanian Neutral Internet Exchange   ANIX Tirana, AL
Albuquerque IX   Albuquerque IX Albuquerque, NM, US
Alien Internet Exchange   AIX Depok, ID
Alpes Adria Internet Exchange   AAIX Carinthia, AT
Angonix   angonix
Arusha Internet eXchange Point   AIXP Arusha, TZ
Baden-Wuerttemberg Internet Exchange (BW-IX) Karlsruhe   BW-IX Karlsruhe, DE
Baltic Internet Exchange   Balt-IX Vilnius, LT
Baltimore Internet Exchange   Baltimore IX Baltimore, US
Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange   BKNIX Bangkok, TH
Bangladesh Internet Exchange   BDIX Dhaka, BD
Bangladesh Internet Service Provider Internet Exchange Trust   ISPAB-NIX Dhaka, BD
Batam Internet Exchange   BatamIX Batam, Kepuluan Riau, ID
Belgian National Internet eXchange   BNIX Brussels, BE
Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange   BCIX Berlin, DE
BFD-IX   BFD-IX Bradford, GB
BFIX Bobo-Dioulasso   BFIX Bobo-Dioulasso Bobo-Dioulasso, BF
BFIX Ouagadougou   BFIX Ouagadougou Ouagadougou, BF
Bhutan Internet Exchange   btIX Thimphu, BT
Biznet Internet Exchange   Biznet-IX Jakarta, ID
Bosnia and Herzegovina Neutral Internet Exchange   BHNIX Sarajevo, BA
Budapest Internet Exchange   BIX Budapest, HU
Calabria Internet Exchange   CAL-IX Corigliano Rossano - Cosenza, IT
Cape Town Internet Exchange   CINX Cape Town, ZA
Catalunya Neutral Internet eXchange   CATNIX Barcelona, ES
Central Oregon Internet Exchange   COIX Bend, Oregon, US
CERN Internet Exchange Point   CIXP Geneva, CH
Charlotte-IX (Ninja-IX)   Charlotte-IX Charlotte NC, US
Chicago IX - United Internet Exchange   ChIX Chicago, US
China Internet eXchange   CNIX Beijing, CN
CloudSingularity Internet Exchange   CSIX Vancouver, BC, CA
Community IX Atlanta   CIX-ATL Atlanta, GA, US
Community-IX   Community-IX Berlin, DE
Consorzio Ge-DIX   Ge-DIX Genoa, IT
Costa Rica Neutral Internet Exchange Point   CRIX San José, CR
Côte d'Ivoire Internet Exchange point   CIVIX Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, CI
Croatian Internet Exchange   CIX Zagreb, HR
CSL THAI IX Bangkok   CSL THIX Bangkok Bangkok, TH
CSL THAI IX Malaysia   CSL THIX Malaysia
CSL THAI IX Singapore   CSL THIX Singapore Singapore, SG
Dallas-IX (Ninja-IX)   Dallas-IX Dallas TX, US
Danish Internet Exchange Point   DIX
DataIX Internet Exchange   DATAIX Amsterdam, NL
DE-CIX Chennai   DE-CIX Chennai Chennai, IN
DE-CIX Delhi   DE-CIX Delhi Delhi, IN
DE-CIX Kolkata   DE-CIX Kolkata Kolkata, IN
DE-CIX Mumbai   DE-CIX Mumbai Mumbai, IN
Djibouti Internet Exchange   DjIX Djibouti, DJ
Dodoma Internet eXchange Point   DIXP Dodoma, TZ
Dominica National Internet Exchange   DANIX Roseau, DM
Dortmund Internet eXchange   DO-IX Dortmund, DE
Durban Internet Exchange   DINX Durban, ZA
EdgeIX Adelaide   EdgeIX Adelaide Adelaide, AU
EdgeIX Brisbane   EdgeIX Brisbane Brisbane, AU
EdgeIX Darwin   EdgeIX Darwin Darwin, AU
EdgeIX Hobart   EdgeIX Hobart Hobart, AU
EdgeIX Melbourne   EdgeIX Melbourne Melbourne, AU
EdgeIX Perth   EdgeIX Perth Perth, AU
EdgeIX Sydney   EdgeIX Sydney Sydney, AU
Extreme IX Chennai   EIX Chennai Chennai, IN
Extreme IX Delhi   EIX Delhi Delhi, IN
Extreme IX Hyderabad   EIX Hyderabad Hyderabad, IN
Extreme IX Kolkata   EIX Kolkata Kolkata, IN
Extreme IX Mumbai   EIX Mumbai Mumbai, IN
Fargo/Moorhead Internet Exchange   FMIX Fargo, ND, US
FD-IX - St. Louis   FDIX-STL St. Louis Missouri, US
FIX Berlin   FIX Berlin, DE
Florida Internet Exchange   FL-IX Florida, US
Free IX   Free-IX Geneva, Zürich, Lugano, CH
Free Sandefjord IX   FSIX Sandefjord, NO
Fremont Metro Internet Exchange   FREMIX Fremont, California, US
Gabon Internet eXchange   GABIX Libreville, GA
Gavlix - Operated by Interlan Networks AB   GAVLIX Gävle, SE
Georgian Internet Exchange   GIX Tbilisi, GE
Georgian Internet Exchange   IXP.GE Tbilisi, GE
GetaFIX   GetaFIX Manila, PH
GIBIRNET Internet Exchange   GIBIRIX Konya, TR
Government of Latvia Internet Exchange   GLV-IX Riga, LV
Greek Internet Exchange BRONZE GR-IX Athens, GR
Greek Internet Exchange (Thessaloniki)   GR-IX Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, GR
Grenada Internet Exchange   GREX St. George's, GD
Haiti Internet eXchange Point   HIXP Port au Prince, HT
Hamro Internet eXchange   HamroIX Biratnagar, NP
Harare Internet Exchange Point   HIX Harare, ZW
Indonesia Internet eXchange   IIX Jakarta, ID
INEX Cork   INEX Cork Cork, IE
Innovation Internet Exchange Point   INIXP Tokyo, JP
InteRed Panama   InterRed Panama, PA
InterIX   INIX Amsterdam, NL
InterLAN Internet Exchange BRONZE InterLAN Bucharest, RO
International Cloud Xchange Delhi   ICX Delhi Delhi, IN
Internet eXchange of the Oresund Region   IXOR South of Sweden, SE
Internet Exchange Point of the Dominican Republic   IXDO Dominican Republic, DO
Internet Exchange Roraima   IX RORAIMA Roraima, BR
IX ANDESPARK PERU   AndeSpark Perú Lima - Huancayo - Huanuco, PE
IX CDE Sociedad Anónima   IX-CDE Ciudad del Este, PY
IX Liverpool   IXLiverpool Liverpool, GB
IX-Cape Town at NAPAfrica   IX-Cape Town Cape Town, ZA
IX-Denver   IX-Denver Denver, US
IX-Durban at NAPAfrica   IX-Durban Durban, ZA
IX-Johannesburg at NAPAfrica   IX-Johannesburg Johannesburg, ZA
IXP.mk   IXP.mk Skopje, MK
IXPN Abuja   IXPN Abuja Abuja, NG
IXPN Kano   IXPN Kano Kano, NG
IXPN Lagos   IXPN Lagos Lagos, NG
IXPN Port Harcourt   IXPN Port Harcourt Port Harcourt, NG
IXSal - El Salvador IXP   IXSal San Salvador, SV
Jakarta Internet Exchange   JKT-IX Jakarta, ID
JasTel Internet Exchange   JTIX Bangkok, TH
Johannesburg Internet Exchange SILVER JINX Johannesburg, ZA
KazNIX   KazNIX Semey, KZ
Kenya Internet Exchange Point   KIXP
Kinshasa Internet Exchange Point   KINIX Kinshasa, CD
KleyReX Internet Exchange   KleyRex Frankfurt, DE
kremen-IX   kremen-IX Kremenchuk, UA
Kuwait Internet Exchange   ix.kw Kuwait City, KW
LayerSwitch Internet Exchange   LSIX Amsterdam, NL
Lille Internet Exchange   LILLIX Lille, FR
Lilongwe Open Neutral Internet Exchange   LIONEX Lilongwe, MW
Local Internet Exchange   LocIX Frankfurt, DE
London (Romania Commercial Internet Exchange)   RO-CIX Bucharest, RO
Luxembourg Internet Exchange   LU-CIX Luxembourg, LU
Madagascar Global Internet eXchange   MGIx Antananarivo, MG
Maldives Internet Exchange   MVIX Maldives, MV
Massachusetts Internet Exchange   MASS IX Boston, US
Mauritius Internet eXchange Point   MIXP Port Louis, MU
Mbeya Internet eXchange Point   MbIXP Mbeya, TZ
Mekong Internet Exchange   MIX Phnom Penh, KH
Midwest Internet Coop Exchange   MICE Minneapolis, US
Midwest-IX Indianapolis   M-IX-Indy Indianapolis, Indiana, US
Milan Neutral Access Point   MINAP Milano, IT
Mwanza Internet eXchange Point   MIXP Mwanza, TZ
National Internet Exchange Of Afghanistan   NIXA Kabul, AF
Nepal Internet Exchange   NPIX Kathmandu, NP
Netherland Local Internet Exchange   NLocIX Meppel, NL
Network Service Provider Internet eXchange Point   NSPIXP Toyko, JP
Neutral Internet Exchange Valencia   NIXVAL Valencia, ES
New Mexico Internet Exchange (dba ABQIX)   ABQIX Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Newcastle IX   NCL-IX Newcastle, GB
North Carolina Internet Exchange   NC-IX Charlotte, NC, US
North East Ohio Internet Exchange   NEO-IX Fairlawn, US
Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange   NNENIX Portland, US
Northern Virginia Internet Exchange   NVIX Ashburn, Virginia, US
Northwest Access Exchange   NWAX Oregon, US
Norwegian Internet eXchange BIX   BIX Bergen Bergen, NO
Norwegian Internet eXchange NIX1   NIX Oslo, NO
Norwegian Internet eXchange NIX2   NIX2 Oslo, NO
Norwegian Internet eXchange SIX   SIX Stavanger, NO
Norwegian Internet eXchange TIX   TIX Tromsø, NO
Norwegian Internet eXchange TRDIX   TRDIX Trondheim, NO
OhioIX   OhioIX Columbus, OH, US
Omadata Internet Exchange   ODIX Surabaya / Jawa Timur, ID
Ontario Internet Exchange   ONIX Toronto, ON, CA
Ottawa Gatineau Internet Exchange   OGIX Ottawa, CA
PaducahIX   PaducahIX Paducah, Kentucky, US
Peru IX - Arequipa   Peru IX - Arequipa Arequipa, PE
Peru IX - Cuzco   Peru IX - Cuzco Cuzco, PE
Peru IX - Piura   Peru IX - Piura Piura, PE
Peru IX - Trujillo   Peru IX - Trujillo Trujillo, PE
Peru IX Chiclayo   Peru IX Chiclayo Chiclayo, PE
Philadelphia Internet Exchange   PhillyIX Philadelphia, US
Phoenix-IX (Ninja-IX)   Phoenix-IX Arizona, US
PIT Colombia - Cali   PIT Colombia - Cali Cali, CO
PIT Colombia Bogota   PIT Colombia Bogota Bogota, CO
PIt Peru   PIT-PERU Lima, PE
Piter-IX (Moscow)   Piter-IX (Moscow) Moscow, RU
Piter-IX (Riga)   Piter-IX (Riga) Riga, LV
Piter-IX (St. Petersburg)   Piter-IX (St. Petersburg) St. Petersburg, RU
Piter-IX (Tallinn)   Piter-IX (Tallinn) Tallinn, EE
Pittsburgh Internet Exchange   PIT-IX Pittsburgh, US
PK Lahore IX   PKIXLHE Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, PS
Punto de Intercambio de Internet del Paraguay   IXpy
Punto de Intercambio de Tráfico de Internet de Guatemala   GTIX Guatemala, GT
Punto de Intercambio de tráfico PIT Bolivia - Entidad Civil sin fines de lucro   BINX La Paz, BO
Quad Cities Internet Exchange   QCIX Davenport, Iowa, US
Rheintal Internet Exchange   Rheintal-IX
Richmond-IX (Ninja-IX)   Richmond-IX Richmond VA, US
RomandIX   ROIX Lausanne, CH
Romanian Open Internet Exchange   ROPN-IX Bucharest, RO
Sacramento-IX (Ninja-IX)   Sacramento-IX Sacramento CA, US
Saint-Martin Internet Exchange   SMART-IX Saint Martin, MF
Salt Lake Internet eXchange   SLIX Salt Lake City, US
Salzburg Internet eXchange   SAIX Salzburg, AT
San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange   SFMIX San Francisco, US
Santiago Internet Exchange   STIX Santiago, DO
SBH-IX   SBH-IX Saint Barthélemy, BL
Serrekunda IXP   SIXP Serrekunda, GM
Silk Road IX   SR-IX Bishkek-Osh, KG
Singapore Internet Exchange   SGIX Singapore, SG
Slovenian Internet eXchange   SIX Ljubljana, SI
Somali Internet Exchange Point - Mogadishu   SoIXP Mogadishu, SO
SONIX Gothenburg   SONIX Gothenburg Gothenburg, SE
SONIX Malmo   SONIX Malmo Malmo, SE
SONIX Stockholm   SONIX Stockholm Stockholm, SE
Spokane Internet Exchange   SpokaneIX Spokane, US
STHIX - Copenhagen   STHIX - Copenhagen Copenhagen, DK
STHIX - Gothenburg   STHIX - Gothenburg Gothenburg, SE
STHIX - Helsinki   STHIX - Helsinki Helsinki, FI
STHIX - Stockholm SILVER STHIX - Stockholm Stockholm, SE
STHIX - Sundsvall   STHIX - Sundsvall Sundsvall, SE
STHIX - Umeå   STHIX - Umeå Umeå, SE
Stockholm Open Network Internet Exchange   SONIX Stockholm, SE
Strasbourg Internet Exchange   SBG-IX Strasbourg, FR
Student & Technology United Internet Exchanges   STUIX Taipei City, TW
Stuttgarter Internet eXchange   BW-IX Stuttgart, DE
Tanzania Internet eXchange   TIX Dar es Salaam, TZ
Tehran IX   TEHRAN-IX Tehran, IR
Texas-IX   Texas-IX Texas, US
The Frisian Internet Exchange   Frys-IX
The South Coast Access Exchange   SCAX Brookings, Oregon, US
The Uganda Internet eXchange Point   UIXP
Tirol-IX   Tirol-IX Innsbruck / Tirol, AT
TOUIX   TOUIX Toulouse / Haute-Garonne, FR
TURKISH Internet eXchange   TR-IX Istanbul, TR
TurkIX Internet Exchange   TURKIX Svilengrad, BG
UEPG Internet Exchange   IX UEPG Ponta Grossa, Parana, BR
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta Internet Exchange   UNY-IX Yogyakarta, ID
Vegas-IX (Ninja-IX)   Vegas-IX Las Vegas NV, US
Willamette Internet Exchange   WIX Eugene / Oregon / Lane County, US
Zanzibar Internet eXchange Point   ZIXP Zanzibar, TZ