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Free & Open Source Software Platform for IXPs

IXPs are regional internet hubs which interconnect different networks so they can efficiently and reliably exchange traffic. There are about 450 active IXPs around the world and they are a critical part of the internet's infrastructure.

  • Join the global community of trusted IXPs

    IXP Manager is trusted by at least 235 IXPs worldwide and has an industry reputation of helping build secure, reliable and standards-compliant IXPs.

  • Full stack management platform

    IXP Manager has a complete web management interface, port graphing, member and user management, reporting, member portal, and much more.

  • Teaches and implements best practice

    IXP Manager has been developed at INEX in Dublin, Ireland since 2005 and it is infused with 60 years of knowledge and experience of its globally respected team.

  • Do more with less

    One of the design goals of IXP Manager is to automate repeatable actions, enable IXP operators to work smarter and to accelerate the provision of technical support.

  • MANRS Compliant

    Security is always a primary goal for IXP Manager and it delivers all of the technical requirements of the MANRS IXP Programme to IXPs using the platform.

  • Route server configuration

    Route servers are essential IXP infrastructure and IXP Manager generates a MANRS-compliant configuration, supports both IRRDB and RPKI filtering and has a built in looking glass.


May 24, 2024

IXP Manager v6.4.0 Released - Route Server Resilience

This release provides significant new features for route server resilience, UI-based community filtering, and many smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Feb 8, 2024

PHP Developer Wanted - Help Build the Internet

The IXP Manager Sponsorship Program is seeking a PHP developer. This is an excellent opportunity for a developer who has an interest in networking engineering (no knowledge required) and internet plumbing, who enjoys contributing to open source software projects and participating in those projects' communities. You'll be working with network engineers who are experts in the field of IXPs and happy to share that knowledge. There's also the opportunity to travel and give talks if that's of interest.

Jun 20, 2023

IXP Manager v6.3.1 Released - XSS Security Fixes

This release primarily fixes a number of XSS security issues in IXP Manager. These were discovered and responsibly disclosed by the GRNET IT Security Team and we thank them for that.

Nov 2, 2022

IXP Manager v6.3.0 Released - Security Improvements

A commercial IT consultancy provider uses IXP Manager in one of their solutions. They had their overall solution reviewed by an internationally respected cyber security and risk assessor and then responsibly disclosed all of the issues and advice related to IXP Manager. These have been addressed in this release and are itemised in the release notes. We recommend all IXPs that use IXP Manager upgrade to this new version.

Patrons & IXP Sponsors

Ongoing development of IXP Manager is focused on delivering the functionality to meet the evolving requirements of IXPs around the world who use the platform to meet their members' peering needs. This ongoing development is financially supported by sponsorship from a number of IXPs who use the platform and also the benevolence of industry patrons who have committed to enhancing the functionality, security and scalability of the worlds' most trusted IXP management platform.

Thank you to the following Patrons for helping us to continue Powering Peering.