Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

When the documentation and other resources don't answer your question or solve your problem, then try asking the community for help on the IXP Manager users' mailing list.

There are two mailing lists: one for announcements if you are only interested in getting a very low volume of news and update announcements; and the users' mailing list for discussion and help.

User's Mailing List

As an open source project, the primary channel for requesting help is via our mailing list. There are developers and users of IXP Manager, operations staff from INEX and other IXPs and individuals from the IXP community on this list. All are willing to help new users.

Announcements Mailing List

This list will communicate announcements of new releases, security issues or important project news. We strongly advise all users of IXP Manager to subscribe to this list. Announcements are usually cross-posted to the users' list so you only need to be on one.

The Best Way to Ask for Help

If you do need help with something and you have decided to open a bug or email the mailing list, please remember that the developers, contributors and community are busy people who volunteer their help.

The best way to get a thoughtful, complete and useful response is to offer as much information as possible in your original query. So, where appropriate, consider the following:

  • Make sure the problem was not already reported as a bug or asked on the mailing list to avoid duplicates (to search the mailing list add this to your Google search:
  • Ensure you have read the documentation in detail.
  • If, when your problem is solved, you feel that the documentation could be improved, please contribute back with suggested improvements.
  • Explain the issue with sufficient detail that those reading your email will be certain of what you are trying to do. Include your understanding of what the expected result should be versus what you are getting.
  • Always provide detailed steps to reproduce an issue.
  • Always test if the latest release is affected. Bug reports on older releases cannot be accepted and will be closed.
  • Provide relevant snippets of your .env configuration file (or all of it after removing keys, passwords, etc.).
  • Copy all relevant configuration and logs to an online pastebin, such as this one, and place the URL you receive from the pastebin into your email. Logs will usually be found under $IXPROOT/storage/logs/.
  • Our mailing list has size and attachment restrictions, as such: never attach screenshots of logs; and never attach log files to your email.
  • Mention the OS and version you are running IXP Manager on (including Linux variant if relevant).
  • Mention the version of IXP Manager you are running (see $IXPROOT/version.php).
  • Mention the version of PHP you have (php -v).
  • Provide anything else you think might help someone solve your problem.

You can link directly to these tips with this URL: