IXP Manager

Presentations and Talks

Barry O’Donovan, Nick Hilliard (and some friends and supporters of IXP Manager) routinely give talks and workshops on IXP Manager. We’ve published the more recent ones below and, where video exists, we will also link to that.


Daejeon, South Korea. February 18 - 28th 2019
Barry O'Donovan, INEX

  • IXP Route Servers with RPKI and IXP Manager [pdf] [schedule] [video]

    In the presentation, we propose a best-practice integration of RPKI into the current IX route server context which still includes IRR support. We present the development work we have completed with IXP Manager to support RPKI and discuss our experiences at putting this live at INEX.

APIX 19 (Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association)
Daejeon, South Korea. February 24th 2019
Barry O'Donovan, INEX

  • IXP Manager [pdf]

    An introduction to IXP Manager for the APIX audience. Also provides a general update on the state of IXP Manager as of Feb 2019.


33rd Euro-IX Forum   
Venice, Italy. November 2018.
Barry O'Donovan, INEX

  • RPKI, Route Servers and IXP Manager [pdf] [video]

    This is based on Nick's presentation at RIPE 77 (below). While not a IXP Manager specific presentation, it does reference IXP Manager and expand on our plans for RPKI.

RIPE 77   
Amsterdam, Netherlands. October 2018.
Nick Hilliard, CTO, INEX

  • RPKI at Route Servers [pdf] [video]

    While not a IXP Manager specific presentation, it does reference IXP Manager and our plans for RPKI.

Laravel Live UK   
London UK. June 2018.
Barry O'Donovan, INEX

  • Migrating Legacy Applications to PHP [pdf]

    A PHP conference presentation on migrating legacy PHP applications to Laravel using our experiences with IXP Manager as a use-case example.

Panama City, Panama. May 2018.
Kyle Spencer, Uganda Internet Exchange Point

  • IXP Manager Workshop: Tutorial [pdf]

32nd Euro-IX Forum   
Galway, Ireland. April 2018.
Barry O'Donovan, INEX

  • IXP Manager Update & Route Server Configuration [pdf] [video]

APRICOT 2018 / APIX - IXP Manager Workshop.
Kathmandu, Nepal. February 25th 2018.
Nick Hilliard, CTO, INEX

  • IXP Manager Workshop: Introduction [pdf] [video]
    Workshop introduction, an update on IXP Manager and an overview of its features.
  • IXP Manager Workshop: Installation, Configuration [pdf]


Dubai, UAE. October 2017.

31st Euro-IX Forum
Bratislava, Slovakia. October 2017.

NLNOG Day 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands.September 8th 2017.

GPF 12.0 - Global Peering Forum
New York City, USA. April 24-27th 2017.

  • IXP Manager Update : As the project turns ten this year, it is a fitting time to deliver our first States-side presentation and update the community on some major milestone goals.

30th Euro-IX Forum - Lightning Talks.
Barcelona, Spain. April 9-11th 2017.


RIPE 73 - Connect Working Group
Madrid, Spain. October 2016.

  • Bird's Eye: A Simple Secure Micro Service for Querying Bird [pdf] [video]
  • Exporting Flow Telemetry for Fun and Profit [pdf] [video]

28th Euro-IX Forum - 3rd IXP Manager Workshop.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg. April 24th 2016.

  • Workshop Introduction and Update : Workshop introduction, an update on IXP Manager development and an introduction to the new graphing service - Grapher.
  • Grapher: Anatomy of a Request : This presentation was a walk-through of how Grapher processes a request. There are essentially two sides to this: the HTTP request processing (including validation and access control) and the Grapher backend for processing a graph.
  • IXP Manager V4 Installation/Upgrade The purpose of this presentation was to give attendees an idea of what’s involved and how things are progressing towards an official release of IXP Manager v4.


27th Euro-IX Forum - 2nd IXP Manager Workshop.
Berlin, Germany. October 25th 2015.

26th Euro-IX Forum - 1st IXP Manager Workshop.
Marseille, France. April 12th 2015.