Sponsorship Structure


Terms & Conditions of Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship is annual unless agreed otherwise. One year after payment, the sponsor's logo is removed from the current sponsors list and any other privileges associated with sponsorship no longer apply. Note that your sponsorship will always be noted appropriately on the website.
  • As there is a significant amount of administrative work associated with processing and managing sponsorship, the lowest contribution is €1,000/year.
  • All sponsors will be shown on the appropriate sponsors page of the IXP Manager project website which will always be publicly accessible.
  • Sponsors may use the IXP Manager logo to advertise their sponsorship for the term of their sponsorship.
  • Official IXP Manager conference presentations, when permitted and appropriate, will include a slide with our sponsors' logos for Gold level and higher. Where feasible, we will endeavour to include logos for lower levels also.
  • We encourage our sponsors to brag about their sponsorship to the IXP Manager on social media, on their websites, at conferences, etc.

Invoicing Structure & Project Management

Within the IXP Manager team, Barry O’Donovan is the lead developer / project manager and Nick Hilliard is INEX's outsourced CTO. Both of these individuals work with INEX. They also co-own the consultancy company Island Bridge Networks Ltd. (IBN).

INEX is a not-for-profit IXP owned by its members and does not maintain a software development function. As such, Island Bridge Networks Ltd has a formal arrangement with INEX such that:

  • Sponsored IXP Manager development is performed by Island Bridge Networks Ltd which sends invoices to those organisations providing funding / feature bounties and is paid for the development work.
  • Copyright of the development work is assigned to INEX, who then commit to releasing the code under the GPLv2 license. To this end, Island Bridge Networks Ltd. is a signatory to the contributor license agreement.

To fulfill its role as administrator of the IXP Manager Sponsorship Program, Island Bridge Networks Ltd.:

  • Employs a full-time PHP developer.
  • Provides office space and suitable equipment for the developer.
  • Handles all employee arrangements including: contracts, pay, tax, insurance, other financial, tax and legal obligations, annual leave, etc.
  • Opened a dedicated banking account facility for all financial matters relating to this program.
  • Invoices all supporting organisations on an agreed basis (quarterly, biannually or annually).
  • Engaged an accountant to create annual accounts for the project and makes this, as well as the annual written report, available to all sponsors.
  • Furnishes all financial records, bank statements, invoices, etc. relating to this project to sponsors on request.
  • Creates and annual written report on the project and publishes that on this website.
  • Routinely presents project updates at Euro-IX, other IX-F conferences and other appropriate events.

Island Bridge Networks Ltd. undertakes all of the above as a business unit within the company on a not-for-profit basis with the registered business name of the IXP Manager Sponsorship Program (744978).