IXP Manager v6.4.0 Released - Route Server Resilience

Barry O'Donovan, May 24, 2024

This release provides significant new features for route server resilience, UI-based community filtering, and many smaller improvements and bug fixes.

PHP Developer Wanted - Help Build the Internet

Barry O'Donovan, February 8, 2024

The IXP Manager Sponsorship Program is seeking a PHP developer. This is an excellent opportunity for a developer who has an interest in networking engineering (no knowledge required) and internet plumbing, who enjoys contributing to open source software projects and participating in those projects' communities. You'll be working with network engineers who are experts in the field of IXPs and happy to share that knowledge. There's also the opportunity to travel and give talks if that's of interest.

IXP Manager v6.3.1 Released - XSS Security Fixes

Barry O'Donovan, June 20, 2023

This release primarily fixes a number of XSS security issues in IXP Manager. These were discovered and responsibly disclosed by the GRNET IT Security Team and we thank them for that.

IXP Manager v6.3.0 Released - Security Improvements

Barry O'Donovan, November 2, 2022

A commercial IT consultancy provider uses IXP Manager in one of their solutions. They had their overall solution reviewed by an internationally respected cyber security and risk assessor and then responsibly disclosed all of the issues and advice related to IXP Manager. These have been addressed in this release and are itemised in the release notes. We recommend all IXPs that use IXP Manager upgrade to this new version.

IXP Manager v6.2.0 Released

Barry O'Donovan, November 14, 2021

This release provides a long sought-after feature to allow for a differentiation between the declared port speed (where the IXP provides subrate connectivity) and that configured on the switch which may not match. Among some other small additions, we've also included support for per-facility graphs which are the aggregate of all peering ports excluding core/trunk ports in a given location.

IXP Manager v6.1.0 Released

Barry O'Donovan, September 15, 2021

We've known for sometime that the generation time for router configurations was sub-optimal. Added to this, a regression in v6.0.0 with the move to Eloquent caused an increased latency in the process. This release resolves that issue and provides a significant speed increase for generating router configuration - especially where you have members which huge prefix lists.

A word of thanks to Yann Robin

Barry O'Donovan, August 27, 2021

The IXP Manager project and INEX both want to sincerely thank Yann for the work he has done and the commitment he has shown to make IXP Manager the success that it is today. Yann has been with the project for five years and during that period the number of IXPs using the platform grow from 27 to nearly 200.

IXP Manager v6.0.1 Released

Barry O'Donovan, August 27, 2021

Since we released v6.0.0 about six weeks ago, at least 13 IXPs have upgraded. Thanks to all of those for their feedback and bug reports. v6.0.1 reflects their contributions and can be considered a polished, stable, production ready release.

IXP Manager v6.0.0 Released

Barry O'Donovan, July 14, 2021

IXP Manager v6 has been released. Thanks for your patience to date - we know it's been a while coming. V6 includes a significant framework change - the switch from Doctrine ORM to Laravel Eloquent - as well as a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Route Server Video Tutorial Series

Barry O'Donovan, June 21, 2021

IXP Manager Route Server video tutorial series now available via <a href="">the tutorials section</a>. In all, there's 2.5hrs of brand new and current content on building an automated and secure route server at an IXP.